Nov 19, 2009


4UOnly is a secure password manager to store all your passwords and logins. It offers a time saving feature that allows you to access the passwords without having to type a master password each time. 4UOnly uses the Windows account credentials of the current user and encrypts the password list based on that information. As a result, the passwords can only be accessed from user account that they were created in. In addition, it also provides the option to set a master password, in case that you need to transfer the password list or open it outside of your Windows account. It includes a password generator, an option to expire passwords, add comments as well as file or web links. Additional features include print support (print a list of all logins), enhanced encryption, clipboard clearing and system tray support. 4UOnly provides a convenient way to store your passwords, however it is only secure as long as nobody else can use your Windows user account. If you frequently leave your PC unattended and do not lock access, then this one is not for you.

Publisher Dillobits Software, Inc.
File Size 584 kb
Version 1.2.8 (history)
Last updated Jul 31, 2006
License Freeware
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
Requirements None
Other products All 2 products from this developer

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