Nov 21, 2009

Microsoft Office 2007

Microsoft Office 2007 is the development of Microsoft Office 2003 that has proven capabilities and reliability as an office application that is not second to none. Office 2007 appearance was beyond expectations, in this latest version of Microsoft merobak total and not leave the slightest appearance of the existing Office of the previous version. All looks almost did not reflect the full Microsoft Office menus and sub menus are troublesome.

Indeed the commands in the Office 2002 or in Office 2003 can still be used. But this time Microsoft merobak total and if we remember that almost the same as the total merobak Microsoft Windows 3.1 and Windows 3:11 to Windows 95 and Windows NT.

According Junita Leeman, Marketing Manager of Microsoft Office Indonesia "Microsoft Office 2007 comes with a facility called the Ribbon. Ribbon is intended to facilitate users to use all the features available in Office 2007 with one click until the time the work can be saved by a very mean, so Junita menjelasakan one of the strengths of Microsoft Office 2007 that will be launched on December 7, 2006, which in general will lounching dated February 14, 2007 ". While the U.S. itself planned early 2007 ", he said.

Significant changes from Office 2007 include User Interface. Consider these changes visible in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. In this application barely visible menus as the previous version. Here, all the menu icons replaced by the appearance of inopatif and informative.

With a little menu and almost invisible sub menu will make it easier for the user. Some of the existing interface in Office 2007 is completely revamped include menu buttons, so that the menu contained in Office 2007 is more transparent and orderly so easy to use.

Existing dropdown menu on the previous version is now almost non-existent, on the home menu for example, there is a choice Clipboard, Font, Paragraph, Styles, and Editing. As for the options available is horizontal and combining text and icon that is very easy and does not need to go from menu to sub menu.

In the old version of the File menu is a menu that is very useful beginning to make initial settings, such as to determine the size of paper, save files, print files and so on. In the Office 2007 menu changes completely. File menu in earlier now comes with a circle icon with the logo Office located in the upper left corner. When the user mengkliki icon will appear the options New, Open, Convert, Save, Save As, and others.

This menu changes apply to all Microsoft Office 2007 family. So if you have opened Microsoft Word 2007, so that when entering into other applications menu displayed relatively similar. Thus the user will not hassle because all the options can be used without getting lost.


In Office 2007 there is an interesting tool called SmartArt. These tools are located on the insert menu and Illustration choice group. Why given the SmartArt, because the tools can be used to beautify the work with a variety of diagrams showing a graphic form, either with the type of 2D or 3D. At least there are 80 templates that can be used to beautify your job.

PowerPoint appearance also changed, in this case there is a new tool called the Photo Album that can be found on the Insert menu and Illustration choice group. With this option Photo Album users can freely create a slide show presentation with pictures that have been entered into your computer.

File Format

Microsoft has known the family provides a variety of file formats. However, in previous versions have not seen a PDF file format created by Microsoft Office. Can but must use an additional application from Adobe Acrobat family.

In Microsoft Office 2007, Microsoft has included a new feature to save files in various formats including PDF and XPS formats. To be able to use it simply select the circle icon and select Save As PDF or XPS. So no need to add other applications to save files in PDF format it.

Other file format also changed, for example a file format that was ending in Word DOC, XLS ended Microroft Excel, PowerPoint is now replaced by berakhir.PPT docx for Word, xlsx for Excel and PowerPoint PPTX to.

Significant changes are also found in Microsoft Outlook 2007. Where Microsoft has added a column on its main window. Column that had only three parts are now four parts.

Three existing column is a column on e-mail and addresses of the e-mail and the e-mail that was opened. The fourth column is the extra column To Do Bar, where this column will display the Outlook calendar when you open them in which there will be appointments and tasks that you specify.

Microsoft Access 2007 is almost completely changed, where the addition of both features and interface as well as other support functions. When you begin to open the Access application, which will see first is the interface that is completely new, different from previous Office versions.

In the first window you will be faced with a choice of various categories of templates that are available, whether the template category is already installed on your computer or category template must be downloaded first. If you want to create their own database ka select a template category "Featuring" where there is one option, namely Blank Database. After that you just continue to create Access database for your data. In addition Microsoft Access 2007 also has the ability to process import and export data.

In addition to these standard applications in Microsoft Office 2007 is also bundled Microsoft Publisher 2007 is used for the purposes of design magazines, books, and others. Also present InfoPath 2007, OneNote 2007, Groove 2007 and Coomunicator 2007. Applications of this latter is an addition that can be used for various needs of modern offices today.

Actually there are many new features of Microsoft Office 2007. However, the real assessment is up to you which will use the latest application from Microsoft Corporation.


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