Jul 13, 2010

Perform A Reverse Cell Phone Number Lookup - Free And Paid Methods

There are many reasons why someone would want to search personal information behind a phone number. Sometimes people want to find out who has been pranking them. Other times people want to keep track of who their child is speaking to. Still others may be trying to confirm a suspicion on whether a spouse or mate is cheating on them. Whatever the reason, there are both free and paid methods to do this. The free methods include the White Pages, other various free online directories, and search engines. The paid method involves going to a paid directory to perform a reverse cell phone number lookup.

If the phone number you are searching is a listed landline home or business number, Whites Pages and other free online directories should solve your problem quickly. But if the number happens to be a cell phone, fax, or VoIP number, or unlisted number your choices narrow very quickly.

These numbers are not listed in the free directories. So, the best free way to locate these numbers is by performing a free search on one the major search engines like Google or MSN. Just type the number into a search tool bar and see what comes up. Sometimes you will find a match. The hope is thatpersonal information along with phone number has been entered into a site somewhere online and that information is still available. This method is admittedly very hit and miss. But it is the only free method available. Since it won't take long and doesn't cost any money, it is still worth a shot.<

If this doesn't work, try one the reliable directories online that allow you to perform a reverse cell phone number lookup. These directories not only enable you to search wireless numbers, but fax, unlisted, and VoIP numbers as well. The search is simple. Just enter the number into the search bar. The results will come up to tell you where the number is serviced and whether the name is available.

From there you can decide whether you want to pay a small one-time fee for the results. The results will reveal the owner's name, address, map location of address, wireless carrier, members in the household, possible neighbors and relatives, and previous addresses.

You can also choose the option to perform unlimited searches for a bit higher one-time fee. Even more, if you wish to perform a more detailed civil and criminal background check, that option is also available.

The best sites continually update their data. They obtain this information from all the major wireless carriers, public directories, and other sources. They also put the customer's mind at ease by offering a no-questions asked money back guarantee.

So, if you find yourself wanting to perform a reverse cell phone number lookup, you should now what the best options are. One of the most trusted and popular directories on the Internet is listed below. You'll get accurate results quickly and easily.

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