Dec 11, 2010

Keith Sweat Died? Another Celebrity Death by Twitter


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width=The rumor today is that Keith Sweat died, and I’m happy to report this is just another celebrity death by Twitter. You know, where bored people with too much time on their hands starts tweeting that something happened, and by the time it gets re-tweeted fifty million times, it’s being hailed as fact. It’s entertainment for the new-age kids.

Personally, I think any celebrity that gets murdered by Twitter can add a notch to their fame level. You know you’ve arrived when they tweet about your death!

Keith Sweat is an R&B singer and songwriter. He is appearing tonight at the Municipal Auditorium in Kansas City, Missouri. He has not had a major hit in several years, although he released his tenth album in June. He hosts a nationally syndicated radio show called “The Keith Sweat Hotel” which is very popular. As his career progresses more toward producing rather than singing, he has discovered and helped launch two bands which are doing well: Silk and LSG.

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