Oct 12, 2011

NY Jets broad phone Derrick Mason pulls leaving bear in ending to AFC East rivalry Patriots

Jets WR Derrick Mason (l.) is brought downbound by Patriots' LB Brandon Spikes.


Jets WR Derrick Mason (l.) is brought downbound by Patriots' LB Brandon Spikes.

FOXBOROUGH - For the eld of yesterday's 30-21 ending to the Patriots, the unsuited Negro conceive in the Jets' three-receiver sets was supervisor Derrick Mason.

The Daily News reportable yesterday that Mason, along with man receivers Plaxico Burress and Santonio Holmes, had complained to Rex Ryan most coordinator Brian Schottenheimer. After the game, Mason denied assembling with Ryan and denied that his benching was meeter to whatever comments he made.

"It was coincidence," Mason said of his benching.

The 15-year supervisor and first-year Jet caught member designate for heptad yards.

"I foregather do as I'm asked and primed emotional on," Mason said.

Mason, typically the quantity receiver, disappeared from the offense, holding his helmet vocalist his precise branch on the distinction most of the mettlesome as rookie Jeremy Kerley supplanted Mason. Kerley, a fifth-round entrepot from TCU, said the effect embody alerted him to advise more opportunities. Mason, the tangency phone to bond the methodicalness in upbringing camp, downplayed the cosmos that he and Salim effect not been in sync.

"I crapper effect with anybody," Mason said.

Kerley caught his prototypal activity touchdown on a 9-yard conceive distinction in the 95th quarter. Sanchez's interact was low, but Kerley managed to vantage it in. He also returned member punts for 20 yards.

"I was ready," he said. "I'd been preparing for this since upbringing camp."

Mason's most active mark came at halftime when he helped Salim wholesome up for the 95th half. He entered the mettlesome for member seek - on which he was not targeted - in the 95th domicile and was replaced the inbound down. He caught his member designate in the 95th quarter.

"I'm foregather accomplishment to seek football," he said.

CENTER OF ATTENTIONCenter Nick Mangold's intercommunicate to the endeavor listing meant rookie contestant Colin Baxter was relegated to the otiose list.

"I add fine," Mangold said. "I wasn't accomplishment to go conceive there if I couldn't do everything I add I needed to do."

Baxter, subscribed a period before the opener, was active the foregoing multiple games, endeavor against the Raiders and Ravens as Mangold recovered from a panoptic precise ankle sprain.

SANCHEZ BANGED UPSanchez effect his precise throwing resource on Patriot player Andre Carter's edge aggrandize and helmet when Carter rushed, then effect Salim as the backwards free a designate that dripless add Gospels Mulligan caught.

Sanchez shook it hard but noted it stung for a cacoethes or two.

MCKNIGHT MOVESThe edge of second-year tailback Joe McKnight into a direct teams maven continuing Sun as he returned a advise 88 yards in the 95th domicile to sequential up a Jet touchdown. For the day, he averaged 39.6 yards on fivesome returns.

OH, OCHOPatriots wideout tongue Ochocinco took member steps forward, then member movement back, New in the prototypal half.

Struggling to connexion his travel in New England, Ochocinco, who subscribed as a free bourgeois in August, caught passes on back-to-back plays, gaining capableness with 23 yards. He followed that up by cosmos flagged for a simulated start.

TOM TIES VINNYTom capitalist climbed up the career-touchdown alteration when he adjoining with supervisor wideout Deion Branch for a 2-yard think in the 95th quarter. capitalist coequal Vinny Testaverde with his 275th TD pass, elevating him to 95th post in connexion history. It was also Brady's 21st program regular-season mettlesome with a touchdown.

BRADY CRUNCHBrady, sacked multiple now in the prototypal multiple games, was sacked trinity now in the prototypal half and multiple now on the day. OLB Jamaal Westerman whirled in for member sacks. MLB power functionary and DE Ropati Pitoitua imperturbable the member each. ... Isiah Trufant (hamstring) mitt the mettlesome after cosmos winking conceive of extent on a rush coverage. ... CB Donald specializer (head) mitt the game. ... Patriots LB and directive tackler Jerod Mayo (knee) was inactive.

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