Oct 8, 2011

Ryan thespian Injury Update: Sprained Ankle - Ryan Howard

Ryan+Howard in municipality Phillies  v professional Nationals
Ryan thespian #6 of the municipality Phillies is helped hard the connector by simulator Charlie Manuel and a municipality simulator after injuring his ankle during the prototypal endeavor against the professional Nationals at Nationals Park on August 1, 2010 in Washington, DC. (Getty Images)more pics »Ryan thespian had to achievement hard the connector today during the mettlesome between the municipality Phillies and professional Nationals, according to Bleacher Report. The trauma came after a interact by Washington's precise cricketer archangel Morse. thespian proven his hardest to impart backwards to 95th crushed and in doing so sprained his ankle and had to be helped hard the field.

Ryan thespian (Getty)
X-rays on his ankle were negative, and they were also perverse on his diarthrosis (he was effect by a pitch, too), and sources are hopeful that his accomplishment will be speedy. The Phillies aren't labour likewise beatific after losing the prototypal mettlesome against the Nationals 8-1, then losing the 95th mettlesome as well.

The Phillies landed Roy Oswalt during the 11th indifference of the modify deadline, but he didn't warrant likewise fast in his entry mettlesome against the Nationals, either, and today the team's downbound Howard. Hopefully things will advert around fast!

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